Psychopath who raped and murdered UK's 'worst paedo' jailed for 34 years

A psychopath who raped and murdered “Britain’s worst pedophile” in prison in an act of “poetic justice” has been told he will spend at least 34 years in prison.

Paul Fitzgerald, 30, strangled Richard Huckle with an electric cable sheath, stuck a pen into his brain through his nostril, raped him and penetrated his anus with a spoon handle in a 78-minute assault in his cell at HMP Full Sutton.

He said he would have liked to cook and eat parts of Huckle’s body and that he would have killed more prisoners, but that he was “having too much fun.”

Fitzgerald said he wanted Huckle, who received 22 life sentences at the Old Bailey in 2016 for an unprecedented number of crimes against children between the ages of six months and 12, to feel what his victims had felt.

Mr Lavender, who sentenced him in Hull Crown Court on Tuesday, said he had “taken the law into his own hands.”

He said, “You’re a psychopath and you enjoy fantasizing about rape, torture, murder, and even eating others.

“On this occasion, you enjoyed acting out your fantasies.”

Fitzgerald entered Huckle’s cell in East Yorkshire Jail on October 13 last year, armed with improvised weapons made of a toothbrush and pen, a ligature and objects to gag him and tie his arms and legs.

After tying him up, he raped him, penetrated his anus with the handle of the spoon, strangled him with such force that his hands still needed treatment, slapped his face on the ground, hit him, broke his jaw, stabbed him on the neck and inserted the pen far enough into his nostril that it penetrated the bone and went into his brain.

Mr. Justice Lavender said, “You intended to rape and murder Mr. Huckle and, if possible, cook and eat parts of him.

“You did this for your own pleasure and also to give poetic justice to a convicted pedophile.”

He added: “The attack lasts more than an hour and a quarter.

“At the end of which Mr. Huckle was dead or dying.

“You described the events afterwards and said, ‘I was carried away by how much fun I had doing what I did to him’.”

The court is informed that Fitzgerald, who suffers from psychopathy, antisocial personality disorder and gender identity disorder, has previous convictions for violent and sex offenses, from the age of 13 and including the false imprisonment of a female prison officer.

The judge said the only mitigating features of the case were Fitzgerald’s mental health problems resulting from physical and sexual abuse he suffered as a child.

He said, ‘They were the source of your urge to kill, which motivated you.

“I’m sure you could have resisted that urge if you chose, just as you resisted it all your adult life.”

Fitzgerald appeared at the sentencing hearing via video link to prison, wearing rosary beads, a shaved head and a long goatee beard.

He appeared to laugh at various points during the hearing and yawned and stretched out his arms as the judge pronounced his life sentence.

Huckle, of Ashford, Kent, awarded himself “paedo points” for various acts of abuse against 191 youths and sold images of his depravity on the dark web.

In online posts, he bragged that it was easier to attack poor children in Malaysia than children with a rich Western background.

At the time of his arrest, at Gatwick Airport in 2014, he was writing a guide to teaching fellow pedophiles how to abuse children and avoid detection.