Pub chain founder says tier policy will lead to misery and suicide

The founder of one of the UK’s largest pub chain companies, Punch Taverns, has said the Prime Minister’s new policy will “destroy” the hospitality and retail industry, and the lives of those who work for them.

Hugh Osmond told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, “I sometimes think these politicians live in another world, they live in some kind of ivory tower …

“All that talk of leveling … if he (Boris Johnson) destroys the hospitality industry and the retail industry, the biggest employers of young people, the biggest entry-level job providers … if he destroys all those jobs and businesses, he will do not reach its level.

“There will be widespread misery, more health problems, more suicides, more deaths, and a much worse economy than he ever imagined.

“He has to get out and meet some people whose lives he is destroying.”

The new tier system will come into effect on December 2, when the current lockdown in England ends.

There are three levels based on how high the infection level of Covid is.

In Level 2, pubs can only serve alcohol with a hearty meal and only offer storytelling service.

In Tier Three, pubs can only offer takeout and delivery.

Mr Osmond predicted that if the tiered restrictions continued until Easter, “somewhat dependent on other forms of government support”, “millions” of jobs would be lost in the hospitality industry.

On the Sophy Ridge show, the founder of Punch Taverns said the Prime Minister is “destroying the lives of many people in their 20s,” who he says have “absolutely no risk of this disease.”

Mr. Osmond said: “In terms of risk, the average age of the people we employ is in their early twenties, and most of our customers – and that includes retailers.

And since the epidemic, if it is, since it began, the total number of healthy people under 40 who have sadly died of the disease is just 46 – out of 55 million.

“You are destroying the lives of a generation that is actually not suffering from the disease, and they have to balance that terrible destruction with the possible good they (the government) say,” he added.

When Mr Osmond, who was previously a Conservative donor, was asked if the party was still “friends of the business”, he said, “Not at the moment.”

He added that the Treasury “is responding in every way and doing a really good job supporting jobs – but it does rely on this ‘magic money tree,'” but he believes the health department is “completely ignorant of how things work. . ”.