Pub goers sprayed with disinfectant in Japan as country enters 'soft lockdown'

A pub has been opened in Japan that sprays customers with disinfectant as they enter to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Patrons of the Kichiri Shinjuku, a traditional Japanese-style pub known as an ‘izakaya’, are sprayed with the disinfectant mist at the entrance.

Spokeswoman Rieko Matsunaga said, “We want customers to feel safe when they enter.

“This is aimed at promoting social distance and preventing infections.”

When customers arrive at the pub, they are greeted by a hostess on a screen, who advises them to wash their hands.

Then their temperature is measured with a thermometer before walking through an airport-style security scanner where they are sprayed for 30 seconds.

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Customers then collect a map indicating where they can sit at the location.

Then they scan a QR code on their phone, which brings up a menu and they can order.

Diners should also sit separately and be protected by plastic screens.

The pub is owned by Kichiro & Co, which has 103 locations across Japan.

The company first installed the machine at its Shinjuku facility on May 14, and said it was hopeful to expand the system and potentially partner with other locations.

Pub goers sprayed with disinfectant in Japan as country enters 'soft lockdown'

Pub goers sprayed with disinfectant in Japan as country enters 'soft lockdown'

Matsunaga said CNN : “We set it up to meet new lifestyle guidelines.

“We would like to spread this technology and collaborate with other restaurants.”

Despite their new admission policy, however, the World Health Organization (WHO) strongly advises against using any form of spray disinfectant on a person.

In an advisory published on Saturday, WHO said, “Spraying disinfectants can lead to risks for the eyes, respiratory or skin irritation and the resulting health effects.

“Spraying or atomizing certain chemicals, such as formaldehyde, chlorinated agents, or quaternary ammonium compounds, is not recommended due to adverse health effects for workers in facilities where these methods have been used.”

Japan has entered a “soft lockdown”, with some of the tougher measures on social distance recently eased.


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