Public toilets could get Covid-19 revamp with no separate loos for men and women

Public toilets could be completely redesigned in a post-Covid society.

As restrictions on locking are eased, the director of the British Toilet Association, Raymond Martin, advises councils and companies on how to keep toilets clean and safe amid a global pandemic.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Mr. Martin said potential solutions to be introduced range from foot-operated flushes and self-closing seats to sensor-operated faucets and soap dispensers.

However, one of the most significant changes proposed is the elimination of separate toilets for men and women.

Instead, unilateral gender-neutral facilities would allow men and women to queue at one door and go out the other side with individual booths in between.

There would be no more urinals.

Mr. Martin told the newspaper that he calls on the government to invest in a revolution in the nation’s toilets as a “public health” issue.

“Toilets have a huge commercial effect in an area, which is why they’re one of the first things you plan on in a new mall,” he said.

“It will cost a lot of money, but if we want to go out again, socialize, go to parks and beaches, then the government must intervene.

“We want to bring this country back to life, and toilets are an essential part of that.”


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