Quarantined at home? Why not do it naked

If you live alone and in quarantine thanks to the coronavirus, you might as well do it naked.

It is certainly something in the UK.

A nudist group in the UK claims that the number of new members has increased by 100%, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made people feel more comfortable in their own skin as they settle indoors.

The group, British naturism, promoting a clothing-optional lifestyle said it gained 210 members in the past two months when the pandemic hit. That’s a dramatic increase compared to pre-COVID enrollment, while the group’s online promotional events have also seen more signups, according to Inews.

Andrew Welsh, marketing director of British Naturism, told the Daily mail that basking in the buff “seems to be the new national pastime.”

Welsh told Inews that he became involved in nudism after visiting a nudist beach while vacationing in France at the age of 14. He said self-isolation because of the pandemic gives people the opportunity to be naked at home, with people signing up for online events like naked yoga and nude coffee meets.

Being nude naked also has practical reasons, praises British Naturism, which states that not wearing clothes saves money and time by doing less laundry.

Many nudists proudly flaunt their naked advocacy on social media, such as British naturism ambassador Pam Fraser, who posed in her birthday suit with her hair easily over her breasts.

“Can I stay in lockdown forever?” Fraser wrote on Instagram. “I love not having to dress every morning. Besides, I don’t have to wash.”

A Spanish nude lover also continued on social media posting a photo by herself at the pool while enjoying a popsicle.

Being naked at home has also been popular on this side of the ocean. Notably UFC fighter Paige VanZant, who has documented herself on gardening and baking while buffering on Instagram.

Actor Ansel Elgort also took off his clothes last month in an effort to raise funds for first responders of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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