Quick thinking teenager gives dog CPR after it suffers heart attack in street

A veterinarian in training resuscitated a stray dog ​​who suffered a heart attack on the street side.

Lucas Martin discovered that the dog fell to the ground in front of his home in Piranhas, central western Brazil.

The 19-year-old took action when he saw that the door was not breathing and performed a cardiorespiratory massage to save the dog’s life.

Quickly thinking that Lucas turned the dog on his back and performed CPR for five minutes.

As he continued, it looked like the dog might not survive, but miraculously, Lucas and the bystanders were shocked and surprised to see the dog breathing and as if nothing had happened, he jumped up.

Meanwhile, in the UK, an image of two cuddling dogs has gone viral after the puppies were reunited on a walk with their unsuspecting owners.

The photo shows two cockapoos, a black dog and a white dog, embracing each other on a walk.

The dogs use their paws to wrap their arms around each other and even seem to smile.

As a miracle, the dogs turn out to be brother and sister and they both come from the same litter.

Next to the image is a screenshot of a conversation, explaining the cute scene in the photo.

The photos were posted on Twitter on May 19 and had already collected 235,000 likes and 44,000 retweets within 10 hours.


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