'Rain of cannabis' as drone used to shower city with weed during lockdown

The people of Tel Aviv were shocked on Thursday afternoon when it rained cannabis in the city’s central Rabin Square.

The shower of weed – neatly packed in small plastic bags – was distributed by a group called Green Drone.

Shortly before the drug shower, the group made a announcement on its Telegram channel which read: “The time has come. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

“No, it’s the Green Drone sending you free cannabis from the skies.”

They added the stunt was a preview of their new drone -based delivery system which they planned to call “rain of cannabis”.

The group added: “We’re launching the ‘rain of cannabis’ project, that will include a weekly delivery to different parts of the country of 1 kilo of cannabis divided into free 2 gram bags.”

The group, which has been campaigning for the legalisation of marijuana, said the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus “requires thinking outside the box and coming up with new ways of getting cannabis to consumers”.

Tel Aviv police said they believed the bags were filled with “a dangerous drug” and officers had managed to recover “dozens” of them.

The Maariv news website reported several people had collected armfuls of the bags before police arrived.

'Rain of cannabis' as drone used to shower city with weed during lockdown

Two men, both in their 30s, were reportedly arrested close to Rabin Square on suspicion of having operated the quadcopter drone.

A police spokesperson said the suspects will be interrogated and dealt with accordingly.

Medical use of cannabis is allowed in Israel while recreational use is illegal but decriminalised.

'Rain of cannabis' as drone used to shower city with weed during lockdown

Cannabis is illegal in the UK and listed as a Class B drug.

The lockdown in Israel is likely to be tightened after new report from researchers the Hebrew University of Jerusalem warns the health system is in danger of overwhelmed due to sharp increase in the number of coronavirus patients requiring hospitalisation.

“The present danger requires decisive action,” the report says.

Israel’s Health Ministry reports this morning over 3,000 new cases had been recorded in the past 24 hours – a record since the pandemic began.


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