Rams’ Sean McVay pledges ‘support’ for Jared Goff

Sean McVay made a change on Sunday.

The coach didn’t switch quarterbacks or change his play-calling because of his quarterback’s recent gaffes, but he changed his habit of blaming all of Rams’ losses on himself.

After the Rams lost 23-20 to a San Francisco 49ers team that missed its starting quarterback and several other stars due to injuries and COVID-19, McVay chose Jared Goff for criticism.

On Monday, McVay made an effort to show his support for Goff, saying it was actually some sort of compliment when he criticized the quarterback for three turnovers and other unnamed protagonists for letting a win come away.

“I think it is a result of the trust I have in people. I wouldn’t say anything if I didn’t know there were broad shoulders to handle it, ”said McVay.

“I know he (Goff) can acknowledge it, and we can all be honest about expectations. I’m not going to apologize for the high expectations I have of him. ”

McVay also acknowledged that he usually says that players’ failures are the result of his own failure to put them in a position to succeed.

“Maybe, although it was a little different approach, I think it was something that was fair, which I know he can correct,” McVay said of Sunday’s comments.

“Jared knows I support him,” McVay said.

The coach said he has never considered benching Goff and has not changed his game selection as a result of Goff’s struggles, as he is always trying to “minimize exposure to risk.”

“We will never be an outfit afraid of attacking success,” said McVay.

Goff threw two interceptions, one of which was sent back 27 yards for a touchdown by Javon Kinlaw of the 49ers, and committed one of the Rams’ two fumbles on Sunday.

He’s given the ball away with six interceptions and four fumbles in the last four games for the Rams, starting with his four turnovers in the first half of the loss at Miami.

“Our quarterback needs to take better care of football,” a raspy McVay said after the game at SoFi Stadium.

Goff did not shy away from the truth and said on Sunday that he must be “smarter with the ball”.

“I might be good at other parts of the job right now, but that’s (protecting the ball) the most important part and that’s something I need to be much better at,” said Goff.

McVay was given a specific way to make the quarterback smarter on Monday.

“Sometimes the best game is to take a bag and not feel like you have to get it out of your hand and force it when there aren’t many options,” said McVay.

The loss dropped the Rams (7-4) from first to second in the NFC West and from second to fifth in the fictional NFC playoffs. They would have gone back to first place in the division and third in the conference had Seattle (8-3) lost Monday night in Philadelphia.

There’s little room for more mistakes like Sunday’s, as the Rams are 1-7 in five seasons when Goff has three or more sales.

Not that the turnovers, which led directly to just one 49ers score, were the only problem with the Rams’ attack in a game they lost to Robbie Gould’s last-second, 42-yard field goal.

On 10 drives that didn’t end in giveaways, the attack produced one touchdown, two field goals, and seven kicks, and an ailing 5.1 yards per game on average.

The team began studying the movie of the loss against San Francisco (5-6) on Monday as it began to prepare to play against the Cardinals (6-5) in Arizona on Sunday.

Right guard Austin Corbett was asked how the Rams players reacted to McVay’s rare (for him) move to blame the players’ execution for the loss.

“That’s exactly what it is, right?” Corbett said. “Sean does a great job naming the plays, you know, getting this attack ready, but he’s not the one on the field.

“That is our responsibility. We are the ones who have to make plays. We have to make blocks, run the ball, throw the ball, catch the ball. ”

Corbett said the famously even Goff shoulders were to blame during matches.

“(He’s) just like any other competitor, right? If you make a mistake, it’s going to hurt. You can see the pain. You are not a robot. You know you messed up, ”Corbett said.

But when he’s on the sidelines, he always comes to the attack line, ‘Hey guys, that’s my fault. We can do this. We’ll be fine. It’s the same (ours): ‘Hey, Jared, don’t worry about that. We go on. You are going to make plays. That’s what you do, that’s who you are. We’re going to do our job so you can do yours. ”

The first task is to hold the ball.


McVay didn’t report any serious injuries in the 49ers game, but said cornerback Jalen Ramsey hurt a hip during warm-ups, which is why he only played 69% of their defensive snaps. … Matt Gay scored two field goals and an extra point, the first time in seven games that the Rams missed a kick. “I think we’ve found a man who we feel really good with as we progress,” said McVay of his third kicker this season. … Defensive lineman Aaron Donald was credited with the 19th forced fumble of his career, the only defensive back that Troy Hill picked up and ran for a touchdown. That’s the fourth highest number in the NFL since Donald joined the Rams in 2014 …

Betting early on Sunday’s game in Arizona puts the Rams in preference to the Cardinals with 2-1 / 2 points, with an over-under line of 48-1 / 2. That roughly equates to a 25 win. -23 Rams. The Rams have only scored 25 points or more once in the past six games. … A sign of the inconsistency, unpredictability, or something of the Rams: their past six games have all been won by the team with the worst record. said becoming a father gives him the feeling that he is now playing for something more. Corbett and his wife Madison Morell had a son on September 8. “He’s definitely going to be an attacking lineman,” Corbett said. “It’s huge.”