Rapist casting agent and actor thrown out of Australia 'now living in UK'

A casting agent has reportedly been thrown from Australia after raping a woman and now lives in Great Britain.

David Bullmore, 61, will not be allowed into the country despite having lived there for over 50 years.

He would now stay in a boarding house in London.

The actor attacked the woman in 2008 while she was sleeping in her bed while her children were around.

He was convicted of rape in 2016 and jailed for three years, MailOnline reports.

Bullmore, who moved to Australia when he was four, also received a deportation order and left the country last year.

He tried to challenge the order and took Home Secretary Peter Dutton to Federal Court in an attempt to reverse it.

But he left Australia before the rejection was issued.

The court ruled that he was at “real” risk of sexual reoffending and accused him of denying his criminal history.

He had claimed the risk was “irrational,” illogical, or “unreasonable.”

Bullmore has also reportedly tried to challenge his conviction in court.

He argued that the decision for his removal was based on a false conviction, according to Australian media.

Rapist casting agent and actor thrown out of Australia 'now living in UK'

He wrote on LinkedIn: “After living in Australia for over 50 years, I was charged with a crime I did not commit and now I am fighting to keep my Permanent Residency visa!

“I’m looking for a lawyer who has the balls to deal with the government and act pro bono.”

The convict insisted that he continue to fight the deportation order.

He told News Corp Australia that he “would continue to go to the High Court if he has to”, adding “what they do is not constitutional.

He added: “It is a total violation of the constitution when it comes to British citizens because we are not aliens.

“According to the constitution they have no right, but they have legislated against the constitution.

“I’ll take it to the Supreme Court, I’ll win it easily. It could take me five years. “