Reporter hit by 'police flash-bang' on live TV during George Floyd protests
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Reporter hit by 'police flash-bang' on live TV during George Floyd protests

An MSNBC reporter has been struck by what appeared to be a flashy bang, as she reported from the scene of one of many protests over George Floyd’s death.

Jo Ling Kent and her crew walked through a baseball field in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood when protesters clashed with the police.

The video begins with fireworks fired behind her as a wall of riot police approach the field through the smoke.

Suddenly, what Jo says is a firework exploding from the direction of the police on her right before it falls to the ground and releases smoke.

But it’s more likely that the police fired a bang near the field to disperse the crowd, something that has been seen in countless protests across the United States.

She screams in fear and runs down the field while her security takes her to safety.

As soon as she catches her breath, the clearly shocked reporter says, “We are backing up, fireworks are being deployed by the Seattle police.

“We retreat on foot.”

The protesters around the group then start running further into the field while Jo shouts, “We have to move.”

Like cities in the United States, thousands of people have taken to the streets of Seattle in anger over the last few nights after Mr. Floyd died during police surveillance last week.

Tensions between police and protesters have started to build as the pockets of the riots become more violent, with looting and vandalism.

US President Donald Trump also appears to have fueled the violence, saying in a tweet last week that looters will be shot.

Last night, he threatened to deploy the United States military in a US state that does not control the protests with reasonable force.


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