Restaurant seats mannequins at empty tables to make social distancing 'fun'

A three-Michelin star restaurant has made the “creepy” decision to place mannequins at empty tables to make a point about social distance.

The inn in Little Washington will open its doors again on May 29, according to a restaurant spokesman.

But if it does, customers will be close to lifeless mannequins – which puts a dark twist on the dining experience.

They will pose as couples and dressed in the 1940s style to capture the atmosphere of a post-World War II celebration.

The owner of the establishment, Patrick O’Connell, told CNN that they would also be used to maintain the social distance between guests.

He added, “I’ve always had a thing for mannequins – they never complain about anything and you can have fun dressing them up.”

To get an authentic post-war feel, Mr. O’Connell worked with a local theater group.

Signature Theater director Maggie Boland – who supplied the mannequins’ clothing – told the network, “When The Inn at Little Washington contacted the idea of ​​dressing up mannequins, we thought it was a fun and creative way for them. to conform to social distance guidelines.

“We took the plunge to partner with one of Virginia’s other great cultural destinations to support their reopening.”

The shocking images of the dead-face mannequins sitting at tables caused a stir online, with some saying they found the move “creepy.”

One of them said, “I’d rather be in a half-empty restaurant than sit at a table with mannequins.”

Restaurant seats mannequins at empty tables to make social distancing 'fun'

Another said, “No! The display mannequins in restaurants are scary.”

But a commentator seemed to appreciate the idea and added, “I would love this, but all the seats except mine are mannequins and they play inactive speakers in the restaurant speakers.”


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