Riddhi Sen: Actor Riddhi Sen Tested Corona Negative, Wrote ‘Unquarantined’ On Social Media

Kolkata: Riddhi Sen’s last retreat. He has become tax free. Caught in a frame with Surangana Bandyopadhyay, Riddhi Sen wrote, ‘Unquarantined’. Netizens were fascinated by the picture of this sweet couple on social media.

Actor Riddhi shared a picture on social media yesterday. It can be seen that Riddhi is sitting at home smiling. And Surangana is sitting with her hand in black dress. Bright smile on his face. Riddhi shared the photo and wrote, ‘Unquarantined. Thanks for all the love and good wishes that have brought me real positivity. He also tagged Surangana in the picture. There is a quarrel among the friends in the comment box about the photo courtesy of the photo. Riddhi added that he did not write at first, the picture was taken by Sohini Gupta.

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Riddhi’s mother Reshmi Sen has also been released from coronation. Kaushin Sen’s wife was the first to be attacked. Probably Riddhi became infected after him. Reshmi is currently at home. He will return to work with some rest.

Coronation-free musician Iman Chakraborty, on the other hand. He told this ‘good news’ to the fans on social media. At the same time, in the posted picture, the musician put the former shelf on the shelf. On the 9th, Emon reported on social media that his corona had been attacked. At the end of the day, the musician’s post on social media says, ‘Finally, the Corona test result was negative.’ In the photo posted with, a bunch of red roses were seen on Emon’s head. Wearing light green heavy fringed sari and red benarasi blouse. The branches in the hands, the vermilion full of sinthi, the red tip of the forehead seem to have given fullness to Emon’s outfit.

On the other hand, Mimi Chakraborty’s retreat has also ended. Mimi shared two pictures on social media. He is seen sitting on the roof of his house wearing a white top and blue denim. Loose beauty in open hair. According to the rules, his retirement ended today. Posting pictures on social media as if the heroine gave a message, she is back to normal life. However, MP Mimi did not say anything about her health on social media.