Ripple-SBI Bond Intensifies Again with XRP Lending Plans in Pipelines

Source: Adobe / Nasibli

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the crypto upward trend for longtime Japanese Ripple Partner and financial service provider SBI – With the company SBI VC Trade Crypto Exchange announces the launch of the Crypto Lending Service this week. It is firmly planned to give XRP holders the opportunity to return their tokens to the exchange.

Per In a press release, the company stated that it would initially only offer Bitcoin (BTC) loans. However, as an SBI, the company quickly added that XRP services would soon be online too, as would Ethereum (ETH) loans.

Customers can borrow a maximum of BTC 5 (USD 96,790) and no less than BTC 0.1 and do not have to pay any account management fees, although those who make fiat withdrawals will have to pay a fee.

SBI appears to have gone all-in on crypto in 2020, and token-related activity at the financial giant is now at a fever level. Last month, the company devoured a direct domestic rival and bought out Yahoo JapanShare in the TaoTao Crypto exchange.

The company also bought a minority stake in the UK liquidity provider B2C2 for a cool $ 30 million in July. Last month it was announced that it would be launching a non-listed securities fund together with the Swiss crypto bank To singwith the aim of attracting European and Asian investors.

The latest move will once again cement the waterproof SBI and Ripple bond, which was strengthened earlier this month when SBI’s esports subsidiary, sponsored by SBI VC Trade, added a third group of pro gamers to its list – with every single player on its list on his cadre list agreed to receive their annual salary in XRP.

At pixel time (10:36 UTC), XRP is trading at USD 0.69 and is up nearly 13% in one day and 134% in one week. It increased by 166% in one month and 209% in one year.

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