Ripple’s Success Could Leave XRP in the Dust, According to Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Anthony Pompliano

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano says he believes that Ripple’s success won’t necessarily boost the value of XRP.

On a new episode of The Pomp Podcast, Pompliano explains why he’s a fan of Ripple as a payments company but not as interested in the crypto asset XRP.

“I think that XRP as part of the Ripple product, meaning they use it inside the product, I understand why they do that. I see the advantages inside the Ripple ecosystem. What I don’t understand, and I think where I choose to not engage on the XRP side, is I don’t understand why people are buying it, speculating on future price movements.

To me, if Ripple is successful, that doesn’t mean XRP has to be successful…

If you separate XRP and Ripple, Ripple as a software company that wants to build better software for banks, [it is a] no-brainer, makes sense, venture capital bet. I’m jealous I didn’t invest in Ripple in the seed round.”

Pompliano remains one of the biggest Bitcoin bulls in the crypto industry. 

“Bitcoin is the most binary things you can find. It is either going to be worth millions of dollars a coin or it’s going to be worth basically nothing.”

The Morgan Creek Digital executive says he thinks Bitcoin is the only technology in the world that has the addressable market of just about everyone on earth. He also expects a major shift to happen as people begin to understand BTC’s true potential as a store of value asset.

“You, me, and everybody else is underestimating how big [Bitcoin] can get…

[Murad Mamhmudov] made an argument that Bitcoin’s market cap is not comparable to just the global monetary supply at $90 trillion. He thought it was a $150 trillion and how he got there was a lot of the assets that you and I own, we own because we don’t want to hold cash because of inflation.

Just like Uber was a market expanding piece of technology and it wasn’t just against taxis. It ended up like some people don’t own cars. Same thing here. Maybe I don’t put my wealth in store of value assets. I can put that in ‘currency’ because it’s a deflationary type currency.”