Robot that can detect coronavirus and enforce face mask rules undergoes trials

A humanoid robot that can test for coronavirus and tell patients not to wear a face mask is being tried in hospitals.

The mechanical nurse, named Cira-03, can take the temperature of Covid-19 patients and even perform blood tests.

With a human face and robotic arms, the mechanical creation is being trialled in a private hospital in Cairo, Egypt, as the African province faces a second wave.

Built by an Egyptian inventor, the robot can also take echocardiograms and X-rays and display the results to patients on a screen installed in its chest.

The bot is designed to look as realistic as possible to avoid scaring patients, according to inventor Mahmoud El Komy.

It tests a patient for coronavirus by cupping his chin and then inserting his arm into his mouth with a cotton swab.

El Komy said Cira-03 will help limit exposure to the infection and prevent transmission.

He said, “I have tried to make the robot appear more human so that the patient is not afraid of it. So that they don’t feel like a box is coming towards them.

Robot that can detect coronavirus and enforce face mask rules undergoes trials

“There is a positive response from patients.

“They saw the robot and were not afraid. On the contrary, there is more confidence in this because the robot is more accurate than humans.”

The remote-controlled robot drives through the hospital on wheels.

The lawsuit comes after Egyptian authorities confirm that the country is facing a second spike in coronavirus cases.

In total, Egypt has seen 113,027 cases of the disease, with 6,548 deaths.