Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre legal strategy, in two clips

“What did you guys do – take it and do something crazy?”

This is just one of many absurd claims in a clip that has already reached over 13 million views, where Melissa Carone – one of Rudy Giuliani’s star witnesses in a hearing where he asked lawmakers to Michigan to overturn state presidential election results – from charge to charge. In a difficult exchange, Carone accuses Republican state officials of falsifying state voting records when an official tells him the survey book is not dismissed by 30,000 votes.

The exchange is comically difficult to follow, but it exemplifies the nature of Trumpworld, which focuses on conspiracy and stuttering theory. shake attempts to discredit and overturn the 2020 election results.

Carone’s testimony was part of a hearing scheduled for Dec. 1 when Michigan Home Watch Chairman Matt Hall (right) invited Rudy Giuliani, personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, to “speak to the Michigan Election Irregularities Committee”. Hall said in his statement he hoped for “clarity and transparency”.

This is not what Michigan has.

According to MLive, Trump’s legal team mainly spent their time calling on Michigan Republicans to testify against the electoral process in Wayne County. Many of them rehashed baseless allegations of electoral fraud and misconduct “made in a Senate Oversight Committee hearing on Tuesday and in affidavits included in various court challenges to the election results … none of it. these challenges did not end up in court.

This hearing took place two days after Attorney General Bill Barr said The Associated Press that there was no evidence that widespread electoral fraud could have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Michigan Republicans did not allow sworn testimony, barred Democrats from calling witnesses, and banned cross-examination, which led Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel to call the hearings a “state sponsored disinformation campaign aimed at undermining our electoral system.”

Carone’s testimony was, if not iconic, at least quite in sync with the rest of the audience. Her the testimony went too far for even Giuliani, who at one point bent down, apparently to try to restrain his witness after laughing derisively at the request to stop interrupting the official asking him to clarify his fraud allegations . It’s unclear what Giuliani expected – Carone’s accusations aired on Fox when she was interviewed on November 11. In the interview with Lou Dobbs, she insinuated that the vans providing food to the polling officers were in fact carrying illegitimate votes instead.

Days later, a Wayne County judge said the allegations “are simply not credible” according to Washington Post report.

First allegations of voter fraud, then attempts to suppress voters – Michigan hearings followed a clear path

Several witnesses focused their criticism on Detroit, a city that is 79% black and that Giuliani described as “corrupt” saying “Don’t scratch your head over what’s going on in Detroit. They steal the election in Detroit. ”

MLive reported that Detroit activists were alarmed by allegations of election fraud by the Trump campaign in their city. Activist Branden Snyder told MLive it “smacks of racism … that black people and in a predominantly black city cannot count their own votes.” Nessel echoed these claims, saying that “the themes we see, which persist here, are: Blacks are corrupt, Blacks are incompetent, and Blacks cannot be trusted.”

At Wednesday’s hearing, a Michigan woman used racist language to advocate for the institution of a voter identification requirement.

Charges of electoral fraud are inextricably linked with the long history of restricting the right to vote of people of color. A January brief published by the Brennan Center for Justice explains:

Like their Jim Crow predecessors, strict voter identification laws are often defended by reference to a racially neutral need to uphold the “ integrity ” of elections … but study after study has shown that electoral identity theft fraud is extremely rare. Many also claim that these laws impose little burden because everyone has the required ID – but the reality is millions of Americans don’t, and they’re disproportionately people of color.

Michigan course has a voter identification requirement. You must present a valid piece of identification or sign an affidavit. In the November 2016 election, only about 18,000 people chose to sign an affidavit instead of providing identification, according to Michigan Bridge, a non-partisan, non-profit news source. President-elect Joe Biden received more than 150,000 more votes than Trump in the state.

A Republican official’s reaction to the hearing sums it up pretty well – State Representative Aaron Miller blasted Giuliani, story The Detroit News: “He made for several minutes wild and broad partisan slurs that had nothing to do with the election, and it was frankly unacceptable, shameful and pathetic and distracted attention from any evidence we could. hear. I am completely embarrassed.