Russian court rules to keep Canadian, a former U.S. Marine, in jail during spy trial

MOSCOW – A Russian court on Thursday confirmed a decision to detain former US Marine Paul Whelan until September 13 during his espionage charges trial.

Whelan, who holds U.S., Canadian, British and Irish passports, was arrested and charged with espionage in December 2018. Moscow says he was caught red-handed, but he denies the charges and says he is in a stab.

Whelan’s trial began on March 23 and is being held behind closed doors for confidential information.

Whelan’s defense team appealed Thursday against a decision to detain him until September 13.

“Unfortunately, our appeal was rejected,” said Olga Karlova, member of his legal team.

Before his trial was closed to the public, the former U.S. Navy used appearances at hearings after his arrest to claim that he had been mistreated by prison guards and had not been given medical care.

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