Ryanair passenger hailed hero for paying ‘ridiculous’ excess baggage fee for upset mum

A Ryanair passenger has been praised for coming to the rescue of a distressed mum and her three children at Ibiza’s airport.

The mystery man has been hailed a hero after paying the excess baggage fee for the cash-strapped mum on the flight back to Stansted.

The moment the Good Samaritan came to her rescue at Ibiza airport was filmed on a mobile phone and has now gone viral.

Ryanair passenger hailed hero for paying 'ridiculous' excess baggage fee for upset mum
The Ryanair passenger at the check-in desk

MirrorOnline reports how the heartwarming video shows Ryanair staff at the holiday island airport reportedly telling the mum-of-three that she’d have to pay a £50 fee as her bag was too large to be carried on board the flight back to Stansted.

In footage filmed by a fellow passenger, the mum can be seen looking overwhelmed as her children run in circles around her and a buggy.

As she puts her hands to her head and runs her fingers through her hair, a young man also waiting at the desk notices her anxiety and reassures her: “It’s alright, it’s alright.”

The tearful mum responds to his kind words, before the stranger smiles and adds “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for you” before handing over his card at the desk.

A man can be heard asking if the bagging allowance size has changed as the payment goes through, while the mum’s older child can be heard telling his sibling: “No no, mama is upset.”

The touching moment was shared on  Twitter, along with the caption: “Well done to this young hero for paying the ridiculous Ryanair baggage charges for a distressed mother travelling with 3 kids (who wasn’t getting any leniency from ground staff).

“The flight from Ibiza to Stansted was half empty, not sure what difference a few cm would make.”

The passenger who captured the video said: “As far as I could tell, the mother with her children had got caught out with a bag that exceeded the allowance on her ticket.

“She was upset and rather tearful while also trying to keep an eye on her kids.

“By the time I figured out what was going on, a young man stepped up to the ground handling staff and was heard to say ‘it’s okay, I’ll pay’.”

The clip has racked up thousands of views on social media and when one asked if they knew the identify of the kind man, the passenger replied: “Great kid isn’t he? No idea who he is though, kept himself to himself and acted honourably and discreetly without a fuss.”

One viewer commented to say: “What a legend! Karma will see him good.”

Another added: “There’s hope for humanity.”

MirrorOnline contacted Ryanair for a comment.