Sabyasachi wrote the last article about Indrila

#Kolkata: Sabyasachi-Aindrila. This name is now known to all the people of Calcutta. You know, the reason is that Andrila herself is just as omniscient. Tolly actress Aindrila was suffering from a serious illness. His Bangla serial stopped in the middle. The heroine has to leave her job and rush to Delhi for treatment. Sabyasachi accompanied him from that time.

Only Sabyasachi-Aindrila did not get sick. I remember tied. Gradually he began to suffer from depression. And why not! When the heroine is enjoying her career and life, the illness comes back to her body in a horrible form. He also suffered from this disease once in school. However, he recovered. Didn’t think the incurable disease would come back again.

However, her whole family and boyfriend (Sabyasachi-Aindrila) was also known as ‘Bamakhyapa’. Sabyasachi is by his side at every moment. Thus, Sabyasachi never said anything about his personal life on social media. But he had to hold the pen to heal Andrila mentally. He started writing regularly on social media about Andrila. And these posts gave back the strength of the heroine’s mind. Who says social media doesn’t make sense! Of course. His aquatic example is Indrila-Sabyasachi.

But Andrila is fine now. Will return to the normal life he left behind. So for the last time, Sabyasachi grabbed the pen with Andrila. He wrote, “This is my last post about Andrilla. And this is the last month of her treatment.

Counting began in February, and finally came the long-awaited December. When I first started writing about Aindrila, many of my acquaintances, including my parents, frowned (Sabyasachi-Aindrila). And that’s normal, because it’s against my nature.

I talked to Andrila four years ago but in between we never posted pictures like that on social media. Couples photoshoots, tick tock videos, boomerangs, whatever else, we never did. And to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable doing these things. He was quite active on social media, of course, but not so much with his personal life.

If you love movie stories, then listen to the real story. February 14th or Valentine’s Day, I am a big wooden man, I never do anything on these special days (Sabyasachi-Aindrila). But this year, for the first time, he promised that the day was the second Sunday of the month, so both of them had a holiday, so they had to go to the restaurant to eat at night. Good thing, the table was booked, he said I am sleeping a little at noon, I will get up and get ready. He fell asleep but could not get up. Paritarahi is screaming in back pain, meanwhile I don’t understand what happened.

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Needless to say, I cooked and fed myself, but we still think that the back muscles are tense. The next day it became known that the disease of six years ago had returned and a liter of blood had accumulated in the lungs, but none of us understood it. Since then, there has been no specific day of love in our lives. I will not observe it in my life.

After his treatment started in Delhi, I noticed that he was getting depressed. He cried all day, did not want to be treated, he would throw away the medicine. In fact, I could not accept from my mind that the horror of six years ago has come back to life and on a larger scale. Honestly, many actors have suffered from this same disease, and many have returned to work. But I understand that her case is different, because when she was attacked for the first time, she was just a high school student.

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From there, it was difficult for him to fulfill his dream. All I know is that after gaining something with great difficulty, there is a greater fear of losing it, that fear was not there six years ago, it is there now.

I also couldn’t accept that a girl would run away from eternity like a comet and get lost in pitch darkness. Today I can honestly admit that I am very selfish, I had only one purpose to update you. I wanted to keep him alive in your mind, to show him with your fingers in your eyes that no one has forgotten you, thousands of people are selflessly waiting, loving, praying for you. So out of embarrassment I grabbed the pen every month (Sabyasachi-Aindrila).

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But you can’t imagine how your endless love is reflected in her life. Many strangers have selflessly worshiped, sent prasadi flowers, sent greetings and gifts. He has to take care of everything. I will not underestimate any of you by thanking you.

Now let me tell you the good news. Several years ago, I saw a very old movie by Inmar Bergman, where death comes to take the life of the protagonist and sitting in a gray desert, the protagonist playing chess with death. Observing this disease from the very front, I think of that movie again and again. Fifteen cocoons are scrambling to save one cocoon. Their main goal is to resist the opponent by moving according to the rules and size.

That’s what doctors and his family have been doing all year, and no one has given up. The operation was performed in May knowing that there was a risk to life. A few days ago, he was re-examined exactly six months after the surgery. The doctor said that there were no bad cells left in his body. At this moment, Aindrila is healthy and safe (Sabyasachi-Aindrila).

However, according to the new regime, chemotherapy will continue until the end of December, the pain of which must be borne by him. Scanning should be done every three months with caution and must be under the advice of a doctor. Surgery removes half of the lungs, the skin of the heart, the pericardium, and part of the diaphragm. Weight loss will be followed by high protein diet and steroids, as well as other medications. Aindrila has told me that she will slowly lose weight, recover completely and stand in front of the camera again next year, returning to normal life (Sabyasachi-Aindrila).

One can understand how the life of a person can go awry in a year by looking at the following three pictures. The first one was shot on 13th February, the next one in June, after the surgery and the last one on my birthday last month. I don’t like to cut cakes at all, I just have to cut for her insistence.

Last month I wrote about her aunt so one or two people told me that I would write a negative article which could break her morale. Mister, this Sharma may be timid but Indrila Sharma is made of another metal, her morale is not so weak. And there is no point in saying that reality is negative, it has to be accepted. I would rather end this long essay by telling a positive story.

I know another woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006. Doctors said that the last stage, there is no benefit in surgery, her life was cut short in six months. Relatives and friends almost all accepted that infallible destiny. The neighbors told him to plant a tree in front of the neighborhood club so that the tree would carry his memory even if he was not there. He planted the tree like writing his own epitaph with his own hand, do you understand the mental pain? Only her husband did not give up. Calcutta did not have such a good infrastructure then, he ran to different states, killed various doctors and finally underwent surgery in Delhi. The following year, the same disease reappeared in the body, by which time it had spread more, and again surgery was performed, this time more than half of the colon was left out. After a long period of treatment, he proudly returned from the land of no return. Her name is Shikha Sharma, about she is the mother of Sabyasachi-Aindrila. In fact, the disease is in his genes, but the fight is in the blood.

And many people write that nowadays love is almost extinct and most of the boys are opportunists. If you can, visit a cancer hospital once and you will see hundreds of men waiting there. Some of them are fathers, some are husbands and some are children. Maybe you can find a new definition of love. In fact, the story is in everyone’s life, but it may take a platform to tell. That’s why we study familiar faces, that’s the difference.

PS: Nearly fourteen years have passed, Aindrila’s mother (Sabyasachi-Aindrila) is still in government service, completely healthy and her daughter’s illness is constantly holding her in both hands. And the tree that was planted with him as a memento died the following year. Checkmate .. “

Many people have commented on this post. Many have said not to leave the writing. However, the news that Indrila has recovered has brought peace to everyone. Netizens have wished him a healthy life. This is how Sabyasachi-Aindrila should be good.