Salon owner facing £27,000 fine for repeatedly refusing to close salon

A salon owner is now facing fines totaling £ 27,000 for repeatedly pushing for her salon to be kept open in violation of lockdown rules.

Sinead Quinn has posted videos to Instagram showing that she is arguing with city officials who visited her salon to see if it was up to the rules. In a video, she told officials she did not “agree” to a fine, calling them “common law.”

She had previously placed a sign on the saloon door mentioning the Magna Carta in defense of her decision to continue trading, Yorkshire Live Reports.

In an Instagram video post on Sunday, Ms. Quinn tells the visiting officer, “I don’t agree.”

Alongside the post, she wrote, “REALLY hard to hear from her this time because she wasn’t aggressive like the first time she came .. maybe because she didn’t have the police back up? And it was short and sweet.

“The police stopped just as I was closing the salon to go home so I approached the car and told them I was going home and there was no need to get out, they said ‘we have to go out if we to be called that you are open “. Really nice buyer! See you Monday guys!”

Her messages have been received by people who call her “great” for her stance on keeping the salon open, near Bradford. She was fined a second £ 10,000 this week following an earlier fine of the same amount and other previous fines for disregarding lockdown rules. She now has to pay a total of £ 27,000.

A spokesperson for the Kirklees Council said: “The company was open and trading resumed so they were fined £ 10,000 meaning the total is now £ 27,000.”

The spokesman said the council was “in the process of exploring alternative measures” regarding the salon.

The council has condemned the entrepreneur’s actions as “selfish and irresponsible”. A spokesperson said, “We fully understand how difficult it has been and still is for local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will do everything we can to support them at a devastating time, but it is absolutely critical to human safety that we all follow the latest COVID-19 rules and guidelines.

Kirklees currently has the fifth highest rates in the country, with 135 people hospitalized last week and 25 sadly lost their lives due to a COVID-19-related death. The law set by the government is here so that we can reduce infection rates, ease the pressure on our health services and save lives.

‘But it only works if we all stick to it and realize that no one is above the law. Frankly, this company’s actions are selfish and irresponsible.

“We will not hesitate to take action against anyone who violates the existing rules to protect us all. Repeated violations of the COVID-19 regulations lead to ever-increasing fines of up to £ 10,000 and eventually prosecution.

“Fortunately, most are following COVID-19 guidelines and we would like to thank people all over Kirklees for playing their part and protecting themselves and others.”

Salon has been opened multiple times in violation of lockdown rules. Earlier this month, a sign was placed in the window of the salon door stating Magna Carta, a royal charter of rights from the year 1215, justifying it to remain open. The sign says the store is “under the jurisdiction of common law.”

Ms. Quinn has previously told YorkshireLive that she was not breaking the law.