Santa won't have to wear a mask, but children can't sit on his knee

Santa Clauses won’t have to wear masks in Santa’s caves, but kids shouldn’t be on their knees accompanied by the coronavirus, Downing Street said.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “We know meeting Santa is a magical experience for children and so he will take safety precautions, including ensuring he operates in a Covid-safe manner, but it is not required for that. Santa to wear a mask. “

He added, “Children are not allowed to sit on his knee as part of the guidance.”

Newly published guidelines on Santa’s Grottos, carols, and Christmas performances mean that it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, but not quite the way you knew it.

Festive traditions should only take place within the regulations – with a limited number allowed and social distancing required.

Door-to-door hymn singers can spread their annual cheers – but only in groups of six and while staying at least six feet from “a home’s doorstep.”

Government guidelines, published on Sundays to cover the Christmas season, also allow indoor singing when England’s national lockdown ends on December 2, but only by choirs and without audience participation.

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, said that the news that people can gather to sing outside during the festive season “will bring comfort and joy to many.”

When singing door-to-door songs, where there are more than six people, the groups are not allowed to mingle or socialize, the accompaniment states.

Participants are expected to follow social distance by staying at least two meters apart from anyone who does not belong to the same household, and the same distance from the door of the property they are singing outside of.

Indoor singing by professional and amateur choirs can take place according to the level of the area concerned, but the public or congregations should not participate in “any activity that can create aerosols, including singing, screaming and singing”.

These activities are known to increase the risk of virus transmission.

For indoor choirs, the maximum number of attendees should “take into account the surface of the room and the requirement to maintain a social distance of 2 meters at all times,” the directive states.

Bishop Mullally, who chairs the Church’s recovery group, said: “ Singing is a very special part of our worship, especially during Advent and Christmas, so I know the announcement that we can get together this Christmas to sing outside in public . bring comfort and joy to many.

“Advent and Christmas will not be the same this year as previous years, but having outdoor harmony singing and carols with choirs is a fair balance and recognizes our duty to protect and care for each other.”

Meanwhile, school cribs are allowed to continue “within the existing school bells” and mixing between groups should be avoided.

The public may only be present in level 1 and 2 areas – subject to “appropriate safeguards”.

For proud parents in Tier 3, schools are advised to use live streaming or record the performances.

Santa Caves can open on all levels – as long as they are in locations that are allowed to open.

The guideline warns that sites should “take appropriate Covid-safe measures, including social distancing”.

For people who want to get into the festive spirit by attending a Christmas market, the government advises that they should check the rules based on their level.

It says, “The rules may differ for indoor and outdoor stores, such as Christmas markets or Christmas tree markets.”


09: 5130 November 2020

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