Sassy dog's reaction to girl practising the flute leaves her in stitches

A stubborn dog has abandoned his owner when he interrupted her music practice with howling.

The hilarious moment was captured on camera when the young girl played a part with her flute in the living room.

Footage shared on Reddit shows the little brown dog of the girl resting on the floor by the stairs while she plays the tunes of the children’s song London Bridge Is Falling Down.

As she continues to play the notes, her pet lets out a long howl while remaining on the ground in the same position.

The girl stops and giggles, but she continues to practice.

When she starts up again, the cheerful friend interrupts again and makes a rumbling sound as if he were complaining about her music.

The owner couldn’t contain her laugh and turns to look at her dog.

Her pet lets out a high-pitched scream when she starts playing again.

Viewers were impressed by the dog’s “lazy” attitude.

“He doesn’t even lift his head,” someone wrote. “I’ve never seen a dog so lazy they didn’t even raise their heads to cry.”

A second said, “That dog’s laziness is admirable.”

The dog let out a long howl as she started playing the tunes

Some thought the dog was trying to file a complaint with its owner.

One viewer wrote, “It really looks like it is torturing him as he lies there.”

Another agreed and suggested that the dog try to tell his owner to shut up and stop playing.

But some dog owners pointed out that dogs enjoy the sounds that make them howl.

“I’m pretty sure the dog isn’t irritated,” said one. “He’s just singing along.”