Save cash on heating bills – despite cold snap set to bite in West Midlands

Days are getting colder and nights are getting longer, so many households will turn up the thermostat to keep the cold at bay.

According to the Office for National Statistics, fueling the home is one of the biggest expenditures for UK families.

But keeping a close eye on temperature settings and installing DIY insulation makes it easy to keep rich and warm.

Experts at have advised how to save money on bills with a series of tips for keeping costs down.

A spokesperson noted, “Many of us have accepted that the high costs of heating our homes are just a fact, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different tricks we can all use to keep more pounds in our pocket and also enjoy more comfortable homes when winter sets in. “

1. Aluminum foil behind the radiators

Cutting plates from this kitchen essential to fit behind radiators will work wonders for a room’s temperature. The aluminum foil will use its scientific properties to reflect warm air back into the room, instead of letting it drift through cold walls.

2. Move furniture

Blocking a radiator directly with something like a thick sofa or chair will trap the heat and no one will get warm this winter.

3. Close curtains

Why let all that cozy warm air seep through cold glass windows, when you can block its escape by simply pulling your curtains or blinds?

4. Lower that thermostat

Every degree down can save you a few pounds a week. Experts recommend 18C as an environmental level, rather than an expensive 20C or 25C.

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5. Leave the oven door open after cooking

A box full of toasted 200C air discharged into the kitchen is the perfect remedy for avoiding the cold at night.

Buy a back

It may sound simple, but you won’t be that cold walking around the house if you cover those wood or laminate floors with an insulating cotton rug.

Wear a sweater

Throwing down an extra layer as soon as you get home from work is literally throwing money away. The more clothes you put on, the less the heating will be on and you will save money in no time.

8. Draft resistant

By plugging all those tiny holes in the house, it will make a big difference to your heating costs. Simple gaffertape can be used to seal cracks in floors and walls, while the bottoms of doors can be blocked with old clothes, towels, or specially purchased weatherstripping.

Save cash on heating bills - despite cold snap set to bite in West Midlands

9. Fodder for firewood

All the fuel you find in the forest is free and the longer your fire burns less of the heat and cuts those bills.

Buy a hot water bottle

Sometimes the old habits are the best; using a traditional hot water bottle in bed can significantly reduce heating costs during the night.

11. Open doors

If you have a nice south-facing room that gets a lot of direct sunlight, this is of course the warmest in the house – leaving the door to that room open will allow the heated air to circulate around the house.

12. Close the doors

When the sun has set, close the door to your living room or bedroom to keep all that cozy air in.