Scottish Government gives £60,000 to support prostitutes in lockdown

The Scottish government has made funding available to support prostitutes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nine organizations receive a total of £ 61,771 for financial and emotional aid to sex workers in Scotland.

Community Security Minister Ash Denham said that women who are sex traffickers may experience “extreme hardships” and are less likely to access support.

“No one should feel supported during this crisis,” said Mrs. Denham.

“Stigma and the hidden nature of prostitution are an obstacle to involvement in regular services.

“It is essential that specialized services, such as those within the Encompass network, bridge national support and with this funding such services can reach women to help them access help and advice.”

She added, “We understand that the Covid-19 outbreak and the measures to shut it down increase the risk of harm to victims of gender-based violence.

“We will continue to work closely with victim support organizations and justice partners to understand the impact Covid-19 has on those most at risk, including where additional support may be needed, to keep all Scottish communities safe.”

Linda Thompson, the national coordinator of the Encompass Network – the umbrella organization for groups supporting prostitutes – said: “Women involved in selling or exchanging sex in all environments have been through an incredibly difficult time recently and we knowing how difficult it has been for them to overcome barriers to financial aid.

“The Encompass network will receive this funding for the next three months.

“This will help to provide more direct support to troubled women, to work with them to join local services and provide some financial assistance.

“We must ensure that their needs are met now and in the future.”