Seagull swallows big rat whole as petrified shoppers watch on in vile footage

A bloodthirsty seagull was caught on camera swallowing a giant rat whole as shoppers watched in horror.

In the clip posted on Twitter, the brazen sea bird is seen walking down a street with a rodent in its mouth.

It stops at the side of the pavement and starts swallowing the rat.

A man and a woman can be heard gasping in disbelief when the grey-backed seagull engulfs the prey whole within seconds.

A nearby shopper walks out from the boutique and shoos the bird away.

The video, with more than 1.8 million views, ends with the seagull flying towards the cameraman.

Theo Shantonas, who uploaded the footage on Wednesday, asked: “How is that even possible?”

Some viewers, however, were not surprised and praised the gull for cleaning up the street.

One said: “Seagulls can/are very aggressive creatures. They are scavengers, and that rodent just got scavenged.”

A second one wrote: “I’d called that community service.”

“Thank you Mr Seagull, one less dirty rat!” a third added.

The incident took place in Rome, Italy, but similar sightings happened across the globe where the predators hunted helpless pigeons and squirrels for their meals.

The bird stopped at the street and choked the whole rodent down

A recent footage from Skomer Island, near Wales, captured how the hungry seagull pulled a rabbit from a hole and swallowed it whole.

Wildlife Trust experts on Skomer Island said rabbits are actually an important part of their diet.

They told Wales Online : “Rabbits are an important part of their diet when none or very few small seabirds or seabird chicks are available.”


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