Search for anyone in your family, town or city who died in WWII

Have you ever wanted to know more about someone who died in World War II? Or to find out more about those who died in your area?

With our great gadget you can do just that.

It contains data from more than 600,000 men, women and children from Britain and the Commonwealth who died in the deadliest conflict in history.

To use it, type in as many or as few search boxes as you want and then hit ‘search’.

For example, you can search for anyone with the last name ‘Smith’. Or you can search for anyone with the last name ‘Smith’ and the first name ‘John’, or the first initial ‘J’.

You can even search for anyone called “Smith” from a particular city or town by adding its name to the “city or town” box.

Press the ‘search’ button and all results matching your criteria will be displayed.

You can then view each person’s full record, with details such as their regiment, age, rank, and last resting place.

This incredibly rich data was kindly provided by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)

The sources for the database were the original notes that were carefully compiled during and after the war. It has now digitized copies of these original records and is making them fully available online for the first time.

You can find full details of the more than a million victims of the First World War here.