Search for Bitcoin (BTC) Treasure Underway – 10,000,000 Satoshis Hidden in New Puzzle

Citadel21, a Bitcoin cultural zine, has published a comic with hidden clues that could lead a reader to a bounty of 10,000,000 satoshis.

Dim Zayan, a visual artist and Bitcoin enthusiast, created the crypto comic, dubbed “Bulltardia.” Citadel21 has so far published the first two episodes of the comic, which stars a honey badger named “Bit” who has an elusive father named “Satoshi.”

Clues to unlock the 10,000,000 satoshis (or 0.10 BTC, worth about $924 at time of writing) will be hidden throughout the serialized story which will be released across several months.

Says Citadel21,

“Buried in this story, that will unfold in the months ahead, are hidden twelve keys that together will unlock 10 Million Satoshis.

Dear reader, hodler or no-coiner, it doesn’t matter, if you follow the badger, through his deeds and capers, you may find his treasure. Buried in this story, at the heart of Bit’s journey, are hidden the twelve keys to 10 Million Satoshis.”

Crypto sleuths can follow @ctdl21and @cryptgm on Twitter, where additional hints on how to pinpoint the Bitcoin trove will be posted.

“Since you came this far, brave enough to venture into the Citadel, we will reward you with a piece of lore: ‘The first key is one of the reasons the Honey Badger doesn’t care.’ Good luck, enjoy Bulltardia and enjoy Citadel21!”

Featured Image: Shutterstock/agsandrew