Sex workers offering 'anything for £28' to people in Covid-19 quarantine hotel

A group of maritime workers put up in a hotel to self-isolate are being harassed by sex workers to break coronavirus quarantine with offers of “anything for £28”.

Dozens of men put up a hotel near St Kilda beach, in Melbourne, Australia, are calling the situation a complete nightmare as the prostitutes keep knocking their doors and trying to breach the “strictly no visitors” policy.

And it is happening “at various times of day and night” the exasperated crew claim.

The men from South Australia, NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory were told to stay at the venue to isolate for two weeks before then are allowed to join a merchant ship.

The operation is a necessary but expensive process costing around $3,000 (£1,650) per person.

But the stay soon turned into a nightmare, with reporting an email sent by the ship’s captain claims quarantined workers complained so much they had to be moved to a different hotel.

The email read: “In addition to below message and some of the complaints by other crew… that there are issues such as suspected drugs and prostitution. Some crew have been offered, women knocking on doors at various times of day or night.”

It comes at the same time as Melbourne is in stage four lockdown for six weeks until September 13 after sustained days of high new Covid-19 cases.

Now one of the crew has spoken out anonymously about what went down at the hotel.

He said he spent 14 days at the hotel in August before joining the ship.

Sex workers offering 'anything for £28' to people in Covid-19 quarantine hotel

He said: “Some girls were coming and knocking at the door saying they will do anything for $50 (£28) or $100 (£56),” said the man, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“It did happen a couple of times and they saw I was not interested at all. Having to deal with that on top of the everything else, it was just too much.

“When you are in isolation in a small room, that is hard enough. The door knocking makes it much harder.”

The women didn’t take long before propositioning the ship mates.

The source continued: “They’d say ‘hi’ and we would ask them what they want because we were not expecting anybody knocking.

Sex workers offering 'anything for £28' to people in Covid-19 quarantine hotel

“They’d just say, ‘I’ll do anything for $50 (£28)’. Being adults, we knew straight away there’s something wrong.

“But if there’s a young guy with no strings attached, he doesn’t have to worry about being healthy, if the opportunity arises, he might take it. He’s bored out of his brain, a girl comes and knocks on the door.

“But if he catches (Covid-19), he could be asymptomatic and then carry it onto the ship.

“If that happens, it’ll stop our workplace completely. We’ll have to deep clean, trading will stop, we’ll be sitting ducks at sea.”

The man added other blokes staying at the hotel from further afield were even more frightened of catching the potentially fatal bug.

According to reports the hotel in question will no longer be used from next month.