Sister’s Pregnancy embarrasses Texas Man resulting in a gruesome murder!

According to the Texas cops, the thought of murdering popped up in the mind of Eduardo Arevalo on the 16th of December just after arguing with his sister Viridiana. According to the affidavit that was released this Monday, it stated that Eduardo strangled his sister during the daylight. 

Viridiana was seated on the sofa of their home nestled in the suburban region of Dallas, when Eduardo approached her, crooked his arm around Viridiana’s neck and then strangled the life out his sister. The 19-year old then decided to toss his sister’s body in the trunk of the car and then drove her to a nearby field to dump her body, mentioned the Texas police in the recently released report. 

He then returned to the spot after a few days in order to move his sister’s corpse from the field to a nearby alley and then proceeded with the grisly task by stopping at Whataburger. According to the statements released by the police, the mere reason for carrying the murder out was sheer embarrassment. 

Eduardo believed that his 23-year-old sister had brought shame to the family by getting pregnant, and murder could be the only solution to get rid of her.