Sleeping man woken by bear grabbing his foot giving him fright of his life

A man had the fright of his life when a black bear grabbed him while he sleeping in a deckchair next to his swimming pool – with a video catching his reaction.

In the shocking footage, recorded by a doorbell cam in Greenfield, Massachusetts, US, a bald man is having a relaxing nap as he basks in the sunshine.

Suddenly, a black bear wanders into the right-hand side of the shot and trots over to the pool, dipping its face in the water.

The curious animal then notices the man, Matt, and goes over to investigate him.

Sitting next to the deckchair, the bear grabs the sleeping man’s foot in its paw, making him wake-up and shout in surprise.

Terrified, the bear sprints away while an equally-stunned Matt sits up in shock as if he is not sure if he is dreaming.

It looks like the young bear might have thought Matt was dead and then jumped out of its skin when he suddenly moved.

Dawn Bite shared the hilarious clip on Facebook with the caption: “Matt was a little startled yesterday while taking a rest by the pool.”

The curious bear grabs his foot in its clumsy paws

Unsurprisingly, the video has gone viral and people were amazed Matt managed to keep his cool after his brush with the powerful apex predator.

One commenter wrote: “Matt is one brave dude… I would have needed an EMT and an underwear change. Great video!”

“There is an men’s underwear sale at Target,” quipped another fan.

Sounding horrified by the whole hairy ordeal, a third viewer wrote: “Absolutely not, my soul would have left my body.”

“Think I would have passed out,” said someone in a similar vein.

Dawn commented that although the property was protected by a fence, someone had left the gate open and the bear was able to waltz straight in.

Judging by the frightened look on its face as it ran away, it won’t be back soon.

American black bears are not normally considered dangerous but, rarely, will attack people if hungry and they have been accustomed to associating humans with food.


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