Sneaky dachshund puppy tries to steal owner's shoes – but gets caught red-handed

An adorable dachshund puppy was caught red-handed on camera trying to steal his owner’s shoes.

Khan, the four-month-old sausage dog, melted viewers’ hearts in the viral video after he was viewed more than a million times on Twitter.

The clip, initially shared on Instagram by @khantheweenie shows the little black and cream-colored dog strolling around the room with a big shoe in his mouth.

An in-video inscription read, “Trying to Steal Dad’s Shoes.”

Khan walks with short steps and swings left and right as he tries to lift the blue running shoe.

Its little tail staggers and moves as it makes the move.

To his owner’s surprise, he goes for a second lap and grabs his father’s other shoe.

But when he walks back to get his mother’s shoes, he is caught and screamed by the owner.

The clip, taken at the dog’s home in Maryland, US, then shows a visibly upset Khan sulking away.

Viewers exploded in hysteria when they noticed how Khan mastered the stealing skills.

One said, “Those shoes are bigger than you, buddy!”

But he was caught by his mother and had to drop the shoes

“He didn’t just steal the shoes,” wrote another. ‘He also stole my heart! That’s a cute boy. ‘

A third commented, “Seriously, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen today!”

Meanwhile, a golden retriever puppy also brought joyful tears to viewers with his reaction when he tried to pick up an ice cube from his bowl.

Hudson gnawed at the block of ice and took it by his mouth, but it kept sliding away from him.

The dog even growled at the cube when he got frustrated.