SNL’s cold open spoofs Rudy Giuliani’s absurd Michigan hearing

In its cold opening on December 5, Saturday Night Live parodied the testimony of Rudy Giuliani’s witness list in a widely conducted hearing before Michigan lawmakers last week in which President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer tried to convince lawmakers to overturn the results state elections.

The sketch sought to poke fun at how many witnesses, in real life, repeated baseless allegations of voter fraud and misconduct, and on one particularly notable occasion, became contradictory towards Michigan lawmakers overseeing the hearing while floating conspiracy theories.

Kate McKinnon, playing a theatrical and awkward Giuliani, opens the audience by declaring, “This election was stolen from the American people with a level of deception not seen since Houdini.”

When asked for evidence of his allegations, McKinnon’s Giuliani continued, “I brought before you a dozen very intelligent, barely intoxicated individuals, all of whom are eyewitnesses, and after hearing their testimony , you’re going to say, ‘Wow, Rudy was right, and he’s getting smarter and more respected every day. “

The first witness to offer their testimony was Cecily Strong playing Melissa Carone – an information technology contract worker for a voting systems company – who, in real life, made blunt, unsupported fraud allegations at the hearing.

“I have personally seen hundreds, if not thousands, of the dead vote for Democrats,” said Carone de Strong. “Did you check every poll? Have you spoken to all the dead?

Heidi Gardner played another eyewitness, who claimed to have seen Democrats serving ballots from food trucks. “Democrats said, ‘It’s lunchtime,’ then they opened the food truck and it was full – full of sandwiches, pizza, steak and spaghetti,” she said. .

Gardner’s testimony appears to be an allusion to Carone’s actual innuendo in an interview with Fox News’ Lou Dobbs that vendors providing food to poll workers were casting fraudulent votes.

Beck Bennett played Mike Lindell, Managing Director of My Pillow, an ally of Trump who made many implausible allegations on electoral fraud in recent weeks, and who, in SNL version of events, used his testimony as thinly veiled publicity for his business. Alex Moffat played a witness who described an alien abduction story and then clarified that he saw the aliens “clearly filling out mail ballots, all for Biden.” When asked when this happened, he replied that it was “seven years ago”.

There was also an appearance of Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney playing two of fourteen men charged with a militia plot that included the kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, saying they needed a chance to “start over”.

“If we still have a photo, we can fit it into my basement for sure!” Davidson shouted.

McKinnon’s Giuliani closed the hearing with a nod to the personal interests of those involved in sustaining Trump’s pipe-dreaming legal efforts to challenge the election results: “Defense rests, but we will never rest, not until this election will get a full pardon or $ 10 million in cash. ”