Snoring more could be a result of lockdown, expert claims

Have you noticed that you or your partner’s snoring has been getting worse lately? Well, there may be a reason for that.

According to Stephen Makinde, an osteopath and clinical director of Perfect Balance Clinic, this could be due to the blockage.

The expert believes that the limitations we are currently experiencing can also lead to physical limitations with our breathing.

He says emotional struggles, which can be heightened by the current situation, can make people snore and often get overlooked, he reports. The mirror.

“People may have emotional things, like when they are in a bad relationship, or think they can’t open up about something, feel overburdened and locked up, like in the current situation where life is limited,” he said. LadBible.

That may manifest as a limitation or obstruction of their airways, because their subconscious mind tells them that they may have to limit themselves, although the mechanism is not fully understood.

“So it can happen like snoring in some people. It is very individual for everyone. “

Stephen said that other factors, including changes in diet or hormones that are affected, can also cause people to snore – adding that it is a side that people “don’t handle enough”.

Sitting in front of a computer all day can also have an impact because it affects posture and can lead to an increase in snoring, but Stephen says it is often accompanied by the emotional side of the stress from the workload and relationships at home that can cause.

While snoring is often never a cause for “just one thing,” Stephen said “almost every time” that it is something emotional that led to it happening in his experience.


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