South Africa Returnee Infected With Variant Different From Delta

New Delhi: Concerns are growing in the country about a new variant of Coronavirus. Corona has recently been found in the bodies of two people who came to Bengaluru from South Africa. One of the samples after the Covid test showed that ‘this is very different from the Delta alternative.’ This was stated by Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar on Monday.

The minister said he was not officially aware of the matter as the Union Ministry of Health and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) were still being contacted, according to PTI. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post,” said Dr Sudhakar.

He said the sample was sent to ICMR. Although now he has refused to reveal the identity of the person. “The body of a 63-year-old man has been found. I should not disclose his name. His report is a little different. We will discuss with ICMR officials and let people know what it is in the evening,” the Karnataka health minister said.

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The health minister said he would preside over a marathon meeting on Tuesday with the chief secretary on the steps to be taken with the doctors at the primary health center level. Members of the Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 have also been invited for the meeting.

It has also been said that we will get clear information on how Omicron behaves after genomic sequencing on December 1. We will start all arrangements accordingly. “We have been tracking and closely monitoring all those who have come from South Africa in the last 14 days. We have been in touch with them since Saturday and have started testing,” the minister said.

Covid variant: Concerns are growing in the country, passengers returning from South Africa infected with a different virus

Meanwhile, Kovid vaccination is being carried out from house to house across the country. This is being done on behalf of the center. Attempts are being made to prevent omicron by increasing vaccination in the country.