Spain announces tough guidelines for hotels after coronavirus closures

Sunseeking British holidaymakers hoping to eventually fly to Spain this summer will notice major changes in resort hotels – if they can get there.

Prior to a possible reopening this summer, a series of mandatory measures have been drawn up by the authorities and approved by the Government of Madrid.

Strict guidelines to reduce the risk of infection and strict health and safety rules will be introduced that affect all guests and hotel staff.

Strict social distance measures will be applied and the popular all-inclusive buffet will be banned. according to the extensive range of guidelines established before hotels welcome guests again.

Measures include:

– Safe distance between staff and guests must be guaranteed.

– There will be a limit to the number of people allowed at the same time at the reception and screens between staff and guests set up if the distance cannot be maintained.

– Card payments are encouraged.

– Floor markings introduced to increase awareness of social distance measures.

– Keys and key cards must be deposited in a disinfected container without contact between guests and staff.

– Personnel must wear uniforms and separate clothing to travel to and from work.

– Cleaners should wear masks and other protective equipment and should not enter rooms while guests are still inside.

– Protective screens are placed in hotel restaurants.

– Protocols to prevent overcrowding should be maintained with floor markings applied to make guests aware of social distance.

– Spices such as salt and pepper to be removed from tables.

Spain announces tough guidelines for hotels after coronavirus closures

– Face masks should be used by hotel entertainment teams and rooms where events are held should be ventilated at least two hours before use.

– Decorations and all stationary in common areas are removed.

– Coat hangers in rooms must be disinfected.

– Face masks and lifts must be worn and strict capacity restrictions will apply.

– Social distance should be maintained in swimming pools and maximum capacity rules should be updated.

Hotel gymnastics and children’s clubs are also subject to strict rules.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that EU tourists will be able to take flights to the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca and Ibiza, from the end of June.

However, visitors from the UK are not expected to arrive early.

Quarantine measures for visitors to Spain are expected to be simplified for visitors from countries in the EU Schengen zone at the end of next month.


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