Spotify down: Users reports multiple problems as widespread outage confirmed

Spotify is reportedly down according to users unable to play their favorite songs.

The music streaming app doesn’t seem to work completely for some users as some people say it doesn’t work.

People have taken to social media to report that they can’t listen to songs because it keeps getting cut off. This comes after the company reported an outage more than an hour ago.

According to DownDetector, more than a thousand people have reported that it does not work well for them.

Some people report that the desktop app says ‘can’t play current song’ and others can’t listen to songs on their phone.

And on social media people are happy that they cannot listen to music. One user said “wtf is working on spotify desktop today ???” can’t play the current song “but the internet is fine!

Another user said “ugh spotify is down, I HATE IT HERE” t

Spotify tweeted, “Something isn’t quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!”

Later the company said, “We made a few tweaks backstage so everything should be back to normal. Need more help? Let @SpotifyCares know!