Spurned boyfriend who stabbed ex and baby in front of three other kids jailed

A man who stabbed his former partner and their little son in front of her three other children after their relationship was broken has been sentenced to life in prison for their attempted murder.

Rehan Khan, 27, stabbed Salma Sheikh, then 32, and their then 11-month-old child at Miss Sheikh’s home in Feltham, West London, on June 4, 2018.

Felicia Davy, the prosecutor, told a virtual hearing at Peterborough Crown Court that Khan tried to contact Miss Sheikh 270 times on the day of the attack and ignored her requests to stay away.

He entered the three-bedroom terraced house after her three children from a previous relationship, aged between eight and twelve, came home from school and locked the door behind him.

Ms. Davy said that Khan later took a knife from his waistband and started calling members of his family in Pakistan and made Miss Sheikh talk to them while trying to get her to give him another chance.

Miss Sheikh “told him to stop lying to his family and tell them the truth,” said Ms. Davy.

A concerned family member of Miss Sheikh called the police after Miss Sheikh did not answer her phone, which Khan had taken.

Police officers were present for a welfare check and after Khan knocked on the door “he panicked and said” it’s the police, it’s the police, “said Ms. Davy.

Khan molded his son three times and had his gut protruded, and Miss Sheikh sustained five stab wounds, including one on the head, shoulder and back while trying to protect him.

He “seemed to stab himself in the stomach” before jumping out of a window at the back of the property, Mrs. Davy added.

The baby was taken to hospital where it was operated on by four surgeons, and Miss Sheikh was also taken to hospital.

Spurned boyfriend who stabbed ex and baby in front of three other kids jailed

Khan, formerly of Feltham, ran on the run before taking his lawyer to a police station where he was arrested on June 6.

He was examined physically and found to have no significant injuries, Ms. Davy said, adding, “He clearly hadn’t stabbed himself.”

He admitted the attempted murder of Miss Sheikh and their son prior to his planned trial in May last year.

Ms. Davy said that Miss Sheikh died in September last year.

“It is believed that there was an accidental overdose of morphine she had taken because of the pain she suffered from those injuries, especially the shoulder injury,” she added.

Mr. Davy said that Miss Sheikh had cardiac arrest leading to brain damage and her death.

In an impact statement from the victim, taken prior to Miss Sheikh’s death, she said her family had been “dismembered” by what had happened.

She lived in a women’s shelter and lost her home because of injuries that prevented her from working.

“I don’t understand how he can do this to us or why,” said Miss Sheikh.

“There is no explanation for this.

“It completely destroyed us.”

All of Miss Sheikh’s children have been taken from her, Ms. Davy said, and although the baby was “relatively well recovered physically,” the mental impact may have been “unknown for some time.”

At the time of the attack, Khan had been convicted of a previous attack on Miss Sheikh and was awaiting punishment, one of his bail conditions being failure to attend her address.

Bernard QC, soothing, said, “As monstrous as things were that day, he is generally not a monster.”

Judge Sean Enright sentenced Khan to life in prison with a minimum term of 32 years and said to the defendant, “You stabbed the child out of anger for purely selfish reasons and stabbed the mother for not complying with it.”

The judge said Khan must serve at least 16 years in prison before he was eligible for a permit release.


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