Sri Lankan National Lynched In Pakistan Had Nearly All His Bones Broken, 99% Body Burnt: Report

Islamabad: Priyantha Kumara Diawadana, a Sri Lankan national, has been beaten and burnt to death in Pakistan. In the meantime, the autopsy report came to the fore. The report showed a pattern of brutality. Almost all of Priyantha’s bones were broken, the report said. 99 percent of his body was burnt.

Last Friday, a group of fanatical supporters of the radical Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) stormed a textile factory in Punjab province and beat up the factory’s general manager Priyantha. Then the mad mob set fire to his body. It is learned that this brutal attack was carried out on the charge of insulting religion.

According to Pak media reports, the skull and jaw fractures were the cause of his death in the autopsy report. Violent mobs damaged all vital organs of Priyantha’s body, including the stomach, liver, and a kidney. Signs of torture were present all over his body. His spine was broken into three pieces.

The autopsy report found that 99 percent of Priyantha’s body was burned and all the bones except her legs were crushed.
A Punjab police spokesperson said after the autopsy that Priyantha’s body had been sent to Lahore. His body will be handed over to the Sri Lankan Consulate there. Priyantha’s body will be flown to Sri Lanka on a special flight after the legal process is completed, a government official was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, a video of the day of the incident has come to light. The video shows Priyantha being beaten by a mob when a man jumps up and tries to save her. But his attempt was not successful.

After Priyantha died in the beating, another person was seen pleading not to set fire to her body. But he was pushed away.

Pressure is mounting on the Pakistani government to take action against the perpetrators. So far, 800 people have been charged with terrorism and 116 people have been arrested so far, including 13 main accused.

Priyantha, a graduate of Peradenia University, has a wife and two children. He went to Pakistan in 2010 for employment. He has been working as a manager in Sialkot factory since 2012.

The Sri Lankan parliament, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa have strongly condemned the incident. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed hope that he will keep his promise to punish the culprits.

About 600 insane people stormed the factory last Friday, alleging that Priyantha had insulted religion. Priyantha was dragged out and severely beaten. He died. Even then the brutal mob did not stop. His body was set on fire. This was stated by Inspector General of Punjab Police Rao Sardar Ali Khan.

This incident has been condemned at all levels. Police have also been sharply criticized for rushing to the scene after the incident.