Starving dogs so hungry they started to eat each other rescued from squalid home

A harrowing video shows how 27 dogs were found inside a filthy house so starved they had allegedly even started eating each other.

In the clip, recorded on September 9 in Mexico City, Mexico, a sickly-looking dog pokes its head out through a window half-concealed by a grubby and torn curtain.

Whimpering from various animals can be heard in the background.

Inside the filthy property, piled high with junk, more malnourished dogs stand around barking and the camera zooms in on piles of faeces left on the floor.

A dead dog with black fur appears to be lying on the hard concrete.

The police raid took place on Bellini Street in the colony of Peralvillo after neighbours complained about the constant noise of barking in the decrepit property, used for dog breeding.

Local residents also claimed that the dogs were kept chained up, were rarely fed, and even ate each other.

Twenty adult dogs used for breeding and seven puppies were rescued from the squalid conditions.

Puppies in a basket, ready to be transferred and treated

Several malnourished animals were found with parasites and bald patches in their fur.

The male suspect, identified as Cesar, kept the dogs locked up in confined, unhygienic spaces, according to a statement from the attorney general’s office.

Police officers had to break into the property with cutters because the suspect had locked himself inside and refused to let them in, according to the statement.

The rescued dogs have been taken to an animal shelter where they will be checked and receive treatment for any diagnosed conditions.

Police have arrested Cesar as the investigation continues.

This comes after dogs were reduced to skin and bone after being kept in deplorable conditions at a puppy farm.

And a pair of dogs hours from death and so starved they looked unreal were dramatically saved at the moment by a sobbing rescuer.