Steve Addazio laments lack of schedule flexibility with CSU football open to playing additional games

Colorado State football coach Steve Addazio is eager to schedule additional opponents this season after the coronavirus cancels three games – unlikely to happen.

Addazio’s argument in the week leading up to Senior Night at Fort Collins: What’s the harm of playing another regional enemy (think Air Force or CU), with ongoing COVID-19 precautions, to give all the student athletes involved the best chance? care about competing and developing?

On Wednesday, a CSU team spokesperson told The Denver Post that the school is “open to any opportunities that give our team the chance to compete after this weekend,” when it hosts the state of Utah on Saturday night. But the Mountain West did not immediately respond on Wednesday to clarify whether the Rams will have such an opportunity next week.

While the NCAA has waived all winnings requirements to qualify for a bowl this year, CSU (1-3) is not expected to be invited. And unlike other conferences, including the Pac-12, there is no plan to schedule additional games next weekend.

So it looks like the Rams are ready for the season after Saturday’s game.

“I personally think it’s ridiculous,” Addazio told reporters during a video conference call on Wednesday, lamenting the lack of scheduling flexibility in a shortened season. ‘You heard me say it. I want to play. That’s me. Am I speaking for everyone? No, I cannot speak for everyone. “

Addazio was animated in his frustration with how this season played out for the Rams.

“I’m not sure the conference will be behind any more conference games,” said Addazio. “I suspect there are a lot of budgetary reasons for this, which annoys me a bit. Because we were flying to places and home games were canceled and I don’t understand that. And I don’t understand why we didn’t play in the beginning. … I don’t understand why teams that would come here wouldn’t want to come here. Maybe I don’t know. “

61-year-old Addazio has reached the one-year milestone since taking the job as head coach at CSU on Friday. The milestone feels unlike any other in a college football season.

“Sometimes I could tell you it feels like I was here yesterday, and sometimes you say to yourself, ‘Wow, was that a lot,’” said Addazio. “I’ve been on both ends of that spectrum, I guess.”