Store selling PS5 for £815 – but is accused of cashing in by raging parents

Enraged parents are outraged after a store placed a staggering £ 815 price tag on the latest PS5 with families desperate to get the game console in time for Christmas.

The Sony device was launched last month and thousands of parents have scoured high street and online shopping platforms to buy one of the highly sought after items, HullLive reports.

But the actions of a nationwide trade-in chain have caused a stir among parents

CEX is currently offering £ 650 in cash – a full £ 200 more than the console’s £ 450 suggested retail price – to encourage owners to sell their PS5 to the company before reselling it for a whopping £ 815.

The chain has been accused of trying to “cash in” on the parents’ desperation by selling the console at a tremendous price.

CEX, which has stores nationwide, currently has inventory available for click and online pickup from some outlets, but parents have accused the chain of cashing in on the PS5 boom.

A mother from Hull, who did not want to be named, said: “They are fully cashing in on a really frustrating situation knowing that parents are desperate enough to pay.

“It’s fair enough to make a raise, to make a profit, but it’s not worth that much, it’s actually really unfair. I’ll never shop there again.”

One customer accused the chain of “preying” on a parent’s wish to give their child the ultimate Christmas toy.

Anthony Mackessy said, “I was disgusted that you would sell the ps5 with so much mark-up versus rrp. I will look elsewhere for my gaming needs in the future.”

Alistair Munro said: “The price for buying and selling PS5s in particular is sick.

“You take advantage of those in financial need by enticing them with higher offers than you know they paid for these consoles that were most likely intended for Christmas presents.

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But to then sell or FLIP for over £ 800 is just pure greed and disgusting. Again, prey to your customers’ desire to get the ultimate toy for their kids.

During launch day, websites crashed and orders were canceled as thousands of people tried to buy the latest console. Customers were forced to sit at their computers and in some cases refresh the screen for a few hours, as the stock was sold within hours.

Sony has said there should be more inventory before Christmas, but unfortunately some stores have already said PS5s won’t return until 2021.

CEX has been contacted for comment.