Stranded golden retriever saved from flood and adopted after navy spot trapped dog

A video of a golden retriever stuck in a flood was rescued after Mexican Navy members found him stranded in a corner, holding onto a balcony with his front legs to remain above water.

The rescue took place in Villahermosa, a city in the Mexican state of Tabasco on Friday, November 13.

In the clip, shared on social media the next day, shows members of the Mexican Navy operating a boat through the flooded areas of the city looking for people or animals that might need assistance when they come across the stranded dog.

The troubled dog can be seen standing up on two legs, partially submerged in the flood.

Holding onto the rim of a balcony with its two front paws, the poor dog can barely keep its head above water.

Golden retriever rescued from flood in Mexico
A golden retriever being rescued from a severe flood

As the rescuers approach the seemingly fearful dog, it remains standing in the corner of the building looking at them with confusion.

Luckily, the distressed animal quickly realizes the men are well-intentioned as they start to reassure him.

Looking hesitant at first, the dog reaches for the boat and is pulled inside by the men, who then sail on taking him to safety.

Officers from the Mexican Navy have reported that the dog was then adopted by the institution and confirmed it was healthy and safe, according to local newspaper El Universal.

The dog was said to have been searching for an elevated place for a while before it was rescued.

At least eight people have died so far due to the heavy flooding in Tabasco, all of which have been cases of drowning, while around 20 more deaths have been reported from the authorities in the neighbouring state of Chiapas.

More than 175,000 people have been affected by the floods caused by Hurricane Eta, being forced to leave their homes and take refuge in the organized shelters.