Stray dogs try to take on family of otters in 'wild-West battle' before fleeing

A trio of stray dogs were spotted on the run after failing to deal with a family of otters on a canal.

The hilarious moment took place in Yew Tree in the island city-state of Singapore, and the images were shared on Facebook on Sunday, November 29.

The beginning of the video shows a family of six otters running towards the water together before their four-legged enemies appear before them on an empty stretch of canal.

At least three black stray dogs are seen running towards them in opposite directions and both groups stop in the middle for a fierce gaze.

The brave otters seem to step back and retreat to the water, but soon regroup to take over the land and chase the dogs away.

The fangs are seen running away with their tails between their legs after apparently claiming the turf.

The animals were reportedly unaffected and unharmed in the incident.

Local residents said the dogs had been roaming that part of the canal for a while, so the otters’ presence may have been a successful offensive “land grab”.

They intercepted the dogs and forced them to withdraw and leave the channel

Viewers compared the scene to a classic Wild West style battle.

One said, “Just like an old western movie. Both are trying to claim the territory. Brilliant!”

Another related the scene: “The dogs saw the otters attacking them at high speed, at the sight of the dogs the otters ran towards them, but the dog turned and quickly withdrew.”

A third said, “Stand off was so cute especially among the otters.”