Student 'poisoned mum and sister with pesticide to clear betting debts'

A college student has been accused of poisoning his mother and sister with pesticides after going into huge debts in cricket betting.

P Sainath Reddy was arrested in India on charges of murder so he could sell the family home to pay what he owed.

The 23-year-old reportedly wasted money on cricket betting and incurred debts worth thousands of pounds.

He is said to have murdered his mother P Sunitha, 44, and sister P Anuja Reddy, 22, so that he could sell their house in Medchal to pay his debts.

The suspect, a student at CMR College, was arrested Monday on suspicion of stringing their food with pesticides, the Times of India.

He is said to have mixed it with their rice on Nov. 23 and packed a packed lunch to avoid suspicion.

He took them both to the hospital after complaining that they felt ill, where they died days later.

His father Prabhakar Reddy died in a traffic accident three years ago, with his savings in the mother’s bank.

Her son reportedly wanted to live a lavish life and began betting on cricket.

Police said the mother’s bank account was linked to the son’s cellphone and that he knew her internet banking data.

He withdrew thousands of pounds in rupees to place bets on cricket matches, officers said.

They claim he also thrashed her gold jewelry behind her back and borrowed cash through money-lending apps.

Police said lenders pressured him and threatened to send messages to his home and contact his family.

Inspector M. Praveen Reddy claimed he hatched his murderous plan at the time.

But their relatives grew suspicious after he was unable to pay the hospital bills.

He said, “During interrogation, Sainath confessed to having committed the murders to keep his mother from knowing about the debts and to clear his way to get off the small piece of family land.”