Student 'robots' with tablet heads mime graduation ceremony in uncanny moment

A video shows how a creepy pair of robots dressed for the sake of graduating students – who had their faces streamed live on the heads of the robots.

With a little help from the internet, students who were unable to attend the ceremony in person appeared virtually on the screens due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The robots are humanoid in shape, but have a tablet that you would expect the head of.

Footage shows a robot in formal academic attire clumsily rolling up to a professor with a student’s face projected onto the screen.

The professor, smiling and waving, slips the brush on the android’s hat so he can see his student before mimicking the robot’s graduation certificate.

In response, the elated student makes a heart shape on the tablet screen with her hands.

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, where the clip was shot, welcomed its students in mid-April.

But the outbreak left many students stranded in their hometown.

Ten master students who were unable to return to campus to attend their graduation ceremony on May 22 were given the opportunity to appear using the weird Android technology.

A student who is steamed live on a second robot 'receives' his diploma

The university borrowed two machines from its robotics department and replaced their faces with tablets so that the missing graduates could “attend”.

But the same friendly robots left other students shocked and frightened as they roamed the campus eerily, seemingly alone.

One wrote on social media: “It’s okay if you want to use them for graduation, but can’t they run across the campus like zombies?”

A second, thinking it was a thoughtful idea, commented: “None of us expected it!

“Most of us thought it was scary at first, then the two robots roamed the campus. It was quite funny.

“The university has really put a lot of energy into this. It was very special.

“I don’t think we’ll ever see such a graduation again, so it was very memorable indeed.”


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