Study to reveal number of people in England suffering from Covid-19

The Office for National Statistics is expected to provide the clearest picture so far of how many people in England are currently infected with Covid-19.

The results of a pilot study will be published Thursday afternoon, with data for the period from April 26 to May 8.

Early results from 7,087 people estimate that 0.24 percent of the population in England was currently positive for Covid-19, or about 136,000 people.

A US spokesman said, “The statistical bulletin will be the first of a regular analysis of the results of the Covid-19 infection survey and will contain updated information on the estimated number of people in England currently infected with Covid- 19.

“Further analysis, including regional breakdowns, is planned to provide more insight into the spread of the virus in this country in the coming weeks.”

The ONS is conducting a larger long-term study to monitor the spread of Covid-19 among the general population.

This broader study, which will include up to 300,000 people, includes testing antibodies to help understand how many people have had Covid-19 in the past.


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