Suspect in high street car 'attack' that killed 4 people in Germany was 'drunk'

The suspect in a “car attack” in which four people died in Germany was drunk, a press conference has heard.

At least four people, including a toddler, are believed to have died and another 15 injured after a Range Rover plowed into people in a pedestrian zone in Trier.

The public prosecutor told a press conference tonight that the suspect in the attack was drunk.

There is no evidence of an Islamist or religious motif, she added.

The prosecutor said the suspect appears to have no previous convictions.

Witnesses previously said people were screaming in panic and some were thrown into the air by the car as it crashed through the shopping district.

Mayor of Trier, Wolfram Leibe, said the victims include a nine-month-old baby and a 72-year-old woman.

He said there are several deaths on the “blackest day in Trier after the Second World War”.

Officers search the area for evidence, supported by police with submachine guns.

Suspect in high street car 'attack' that killed 4 people in Germany was 'drunk'

“We have arrested one person, one vehicle has been secured,” said police, adding that a 51-year-old German suspect was now being questioned.

The mayor told N-TV that people who saw the incident were “totally traumatized” and that the street “looks a bit like after a war”.

He had previously been overcome with tears when speaking to reporters and described the incident as a “rampage”.

Suspect in high street car 'attack' that killed 4 people in Germany was 'drunk'

Witnesses in Trier, in the southwest of the country, said a dark gray Range Rover had randomly collided with people.

The 4×4 raced through a pedestrian zone at an estimated speed of 65 km / h.

Mr. Leibe said he did not know the motive for the incident.


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