Swalwell Says His Ties to Chinese Spy Were Leaked Because of Trump Criticism

Representative Eric Swalwell speaks on the second night of the first Democratic presidential candidate debate in Miami, Florida on June 27, 2019. (Mike Segar / Reuters)

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell alleges that information about his links to a suspected Chinese spy was leaked to the press in retaliation for his vocal criticism of President Trump.

“I criticized the president. I spoke against him. I was on the two committees that worked to remove him, ”Swalwell Told Politico Tuesday. “The timing seems to have to be considered.”

Between 2011 and 2015, a suspected Chinese intelligence agent, Christine Fang, established relationships with Swalwell and a number of other U.S. politicians, particularly in the Bay Area, as part of an operation to Chinese political intelligence, lasting one year. Axios investigation found.

Fang, who reportedly acted at the request of China’s Department of State Security, helped raise funds for Swalwell’s re-election campaign in 2014 and helped place at least one intern in the California Democrat’s office.

The investigation cites a Bay Area politician, current and former US intelligence officials, and a former elected official.

“What, however, it seems that this person – as the story relates – was not successful in everything he was trying to do. But if intelligence officials are trying to militarize someone’s cooperation, they are basically trying to do what that person couldn’t, which is to try to discredit someone, “Swalwell said. .

In 2015, federal investigators informed Swalwell of their concerns about Fang, in which case he severed all ties with her. He has not been charged with any misconduct.

Fang also had romantic or sexual relationships with at least two mayors in the Midwest over a three-year period. She was enrolled as a student at California State University, East Bay.

Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, married soon after in 2016 and has decreases to answer questions about whether her relationship with Fang was sexual or romantic in nature.

“Representative. Swalwell, a long time ago, provided information about this person – whom he met over eight years ago, and whom he has not seen in nearly six years – to the FBI,” Swalwell’s office said in a statement to Axios. “To protect information that might be classified, it will not participate in your story.”

Swalwell said he didn’t think the controversy would threaten his seat on the House Intelligence Committee.