Tainted alcohol kills at least 100 after Mexico bans booze during lockdown

As many as 100 people have died after drinking contaminated alcohol in Mexico.

During the closure of the coronavirus, many Mexican states introduced a partial or total ban on the sale of alcohol.

According to Nuevo Leon Governor Jamie Rodriquez, quitting drinking will reduce the likelihood of physical conflict while the Mexicans were locked up at home.

Because they were unable to legitimately buy alcohol from the stores, many have gone on to buy knockoff booze, with deadly consequences.

According to the Yucatan Times, that report on the South Mexican state, more than 100 people have died since drinking the drug after drinking it.

In Jalisco on the Pacific coast, 31 people have died from suspected methanol poisoning.

The state government says an investigation has been initiated into the deaths, six of which took place in the city of Ajijic.

The victims knew each other, and the alcohol consumed was bought in large quantities, the Yucatan Times reported.

Tainted alcohol kills at least 100 after Mexico bans booze during lockdown

In Morelos, a state in the south of the country, 29 people died after drinking mezcal on May 10-11.

Another 40 people died in the central state of Puebla, with the public health authorities seizing 200 liters of alcohol believed to be related to the fatalities.

In the southeastern Yucatán, the state government confirmed the deaths of 11 people admitted to IMSS Rural Hospital No. 59 in Acanceh because of alcohol poisoning.

Tainted alcohol kills at least 100 after Mexico bans booze during lockdown

Methanol poisoning can lead to vomiting, abdominal pain, blindness, kidney failure, and eventually death.

According to the US National Institute of Health, 56 ml of methanol can kill a person.

The chemical is similar to ethanol, the active ingredient in beer and spirits.

Unlike ethanol, methanol cannot be quickly metabolized by the liver, with the enzyme breaking down its chemical cousin and converting methanol into formaldehyde

Methanol is found in antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid and can be added to drinks to make them alcoholic.


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