Tathagata and Deblina Dutta are going to break up their eight-year marriage

#Kolkata: A few days ago, singer Anupom Roy announced his divorce on social media. Piya Chakraborty and Anupam Roy have been married for six years. Although they are walking this path with their own consent. The news of the divorce of a star couple in the sky of Tollywood has not been suppressed yet. It is heard that this time the eight-year relationship between Tathagata Mukherjee and Deblina Dutt is about to break up.

Tathagata-Debolina is a popular face in the Bengali serial world. They go to work and talk. Love and marriage. Although Tathagata had another marriage before that. Tathagata married Debelina for the second time. Not just acting, the pair were doing a lot of creative work together. Besides, they had several pet dogs in their family.

They were in love with everything! But what is happening is that news of their divorce is being heard (Tathagata-Debolina divorce rumors). Although Debelina and Tathagata did not want to say anything publicly about it. However, this news is being heard in their close quarters.

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Tathagata told a news outlet that he did not say anything publicly or to the media on the day of his first divorce. Don’t say that again. It is his personal matter. Debelina, meanwhile, said she was busy with work and her father’s illness. He doesn’t have time to think about the rest (Tathagata-Debolina divorce rumors).

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But what is the reason for breaking up this love marriage? Tollywood says otherwise though. Between these two came another man. A few days ago, Tathagata finished work on his new film ‘Unique’. Bivati ​​Chatterjee is playing the lead role in that film. With him or her relatives grow tathagatara. And this is why marriage is on the way to break up. Although Tathagata did not accept this. This allegation has been blown up in the air. But he did not admit that many people in Tollywood have been saying that there have been facts and statements about living for some time. However, neither Tathagata nor Debolina divorced. But both of them have avoided the question of divorce. Tolipara has sealed the news even though it did not accept it publicly.